Visit Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

A country mansion in the 16th century, a sumptuous summer residence in the 18th century, with its rooms decorated in Rococo style and its spectacular, monumental Italian garden, Villa Della Porta Bozzolo tells the story of a wealthy Lombard family. Donated by the heirs of the Bozzolo family in 1989 In the 16th century, in […]

Visit Villa Panza

A 18th century mansion, whose windows look out on a magnificent Italian garden, hosts one of the foremost collections of contemporary American art, as well as international exhibitions. Villa Panza was bequeathed to FAI by Giuseppe and Giovanna Panza di Biumo in 1996. A worldwide known centre for contemporary art, Villa Panza dates back to […]

Golf Club Lugano

The Lugano Golf Club was established in 1923 and is considered a golf course architectural masterpiece. Over the years there have been many changes until 1992, when with a new design plan, the club was modernized to suit professional players as well as amateurs. Situated at about 10 min. driving distance from the city of […]

Astronomical Observatory GV

On the summit of Campo dei Fiori rises, for more than half a century, “Salvatore Furia”, the Science Citadel, a bridge between science and people, that functions as a scientific research center, visitors center, a place to have an experience of research and good use of your free time to expand your horizons.   The Astronomical […]

Monte Generoso- Excitement at 1704m high

Lugano – Capolago – Monte Generoso Monte Generoso is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains of Ticino county.  The landscape extends from the Po Valley to the Lake of Como and to the Berenese Alps and Vallesane. On the summit, a rocky plateau, stands the majestic “Fiore di Pietra”, a new structure designed by […]