Don't miss out on THE GYPSY SOMMELIER

The sommelier who curated the wine cellar of STAMPA 1968

A lot more than a collaboration ties us to Gioele Musco, alias The Gypsy Sommelier. 

He is a piece of Stampa1968 who created the basis for our cellar and keeps it updated. Today he works as a Sommelier in England at a prestigious restaurant. 

Immediate, fun, irreverent, curious but absolutely rigorous. 

The GYPSY SOMMELIER CHANNEL is a visionary project dedicated to the world of wine. 

The idea is simple: explaining the world of wine, its secrets, its curiosities with rigor, but using at the same time a fresh and irreverent language. 

In short, the furthest thing from the boring and academic communication which is usually linked to the world of wine. 

If you are passionate about wine or you are simply curious to know something more about the nectar of the Gods, follow “THE GYPSY SOMMELIER CHANNEL”.   

And don’t forget, when you come to visit us, to see the Winery of Stampa1968 that the GYPSY SOMMELIER has prepared for our guests. 

You can follow the GYPSY SOMMELIER on these channels: